Leadership Skills

Course Content

At the end of the training, the delegate will be able to:

  • Boost confidence through the use of communication by developing poise and etiquette including the skills of effective and active listening.
  • Handling tasks and people more enthusiastically to enhance team work.
  • Becoming more flexible in all situations to generate more courage.
  • Be in control of worry and handling difficult decisions with confidence.
  • Controlling attitudes to becoming more assertive in dealing with others and themselves more effectively.
  • Identifying what makes people tick and adapting personal behaviour to ensure positive relationships.
  • Instilling the basics of first impressions to ensure a ‘foot in the door’.
  • Identifying and challenging our belief systems to set and accomplish meaningful goals.
  • Building positive rapport with others by demonstrating sincere appreciation.
  • Overcoming negative attitudes and turning complaints and criticism into positive relationships.
  • Creating more time for organising and leading others.
  • Have the ability to recall information quickly to ensure we have the edge in all situations.


Who will benefit

This course is designed for any level of supervisor, managers and team members.



5 Days